Saturday, April 14, 2012

SCAM: closed down closed down
Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:05 am
rcoones10211 closed by the Government. This was a video hosting website that had thousands of videos from all over the world. I think they would not play ball and so were shut down. Hilary Clinton was right "we are losing the information war" they are striking back.  Laws will be passed and they are serious about discrediting and tripping up the conspiracy theorists. Censorship next, and tactics on a level with the "War On Drugs" a suppressive and unfair persuit on a par with Chinas suppression of alternative information. Just Watch..
  You know...subersive information like 9/11, 7/7, conspiracy theories, UFO footage, euroscepticism, anti NWO information, patriot websites, oathkeepers and the like. The kind of information that true Patriots refer to trying to keep their Governments in line.

No it isn't, you paranoid faggots. Go to the main url; its still there in all it's tinfoil glory:


Even the forum is still online:


The US government  is unlikely to "take it down" because the server is in GERMANY:

Server Type:
IP Address: ASN:
IP Location:
Germany - Nordrhein-westfalen - Koeln - Host Europe Gmbh
Response Code:
Domain Status:
Registered And Active Website

         Uwe Braun
        Futurebytes GmbH & Co.KG
        Innstrasse 71
        Passau, N/A  94036
Domain Name:

Admin Contact:
         Uwe Braun
        Futurebytes GmbH & Co.KG
        Innstrasse 71
        Passau, N/A  94036
Technical Contact:
         HostEurope GmbH
        Hansestr. 109
        Koeln, UNKNOWN  51149
Billing Contact:
         Hostmaster Domainbilling
        Host Europe GmbH
        Welserstr. 14
        Koeln, N/A  51149
   Record created on Jan 6 2007.
   Record expires on Jan 6 2013.

Whomever Uwe Braun is, looks like they set up the ZOMG SEIZED page to con moar dupes. seized scam

Also looks like Coones was in on the con.  Guess that means Coones get's his own page soon.

Protip: If you want people to think the New World Order has censored your website, make sure ALL urls redirect to the "seized" page.