Friday, June 22, 2012

Group hosts Larouchie favorite Sander Hicks July 15

According to Sander Hick's painfully hipster  Slingshottotherunonsentance blog HERE, he'll be hosted by the group July 15:

Friday, June 22, 2012

NEW TOUR DATES! Southwest, CA and Northwest!

The following updates the tour schedule, from June 26, in San Antonio, to New Mexico, to Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington State!

 JUNE 28 Albuquerque, NM
  • UPDATE: this is now on THURSDAY the 28th..... and it's at a Cafe -
  • call me for more info- 845 423 9094


June 30 - Taos, NM

Metta Theatre,  5 PM

1470 Paseo Del Pueblo, North Taos, NM 87571
(575) 758-1104

At Sundara
House of Beauty
Cafe and Boutique
22 E Route 66 Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 779-3292
"Sundara has been revamped and fits the bill for what Flagstaff really needs- a great late night hangout and venue. ... a nice, reasonably-priced coffee bar. ... thank god for an all ages venue! *****"

July 8 at Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA
The Slingshot to the Juggernaut Book Party!
NYC Author Sander Hicks, Plus Special Guests!
7 PM
Sander Hicks, founder of Soft Skull Press, and star of indie doc "Horns and Halos" is the author of the new "Slingshot to the Juggernaut: Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth."
It's a book about peace and nonviolence through deep investigative journalism about 9/11. Hicks finds the liberating effects of examining political corruption in the USA.
Sander has personally confronted Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani, Eliot Spitzer, the Shreveport FBI, and perpetrators of the anthrax cover-up. The book has a positive second half, in which Hicks discovers Zen, sobriety, Gandhi, the historical Jesus, and the Truth Party as a way out of a time of secrecy and violence.
Live Music from Amy Jones 
"One of the most prominent reasons why people enjoy music is to find the place where we all connect: To the joy, the pain, the raw emotion that is portrayed through music. Amy Jones not only has the desire to harness that emotion, she also possesses the driving talent to deliver it soulfully to anyone willing to share the experience."
The night also features Appearance from Charles Lewis, 9/11 truth teller, and recent guest on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.
Charles Lewis-- former director of security at LAX-- will discuss the information he was privy to coming from the Pentagon the day of 9/11.....(and they didn't tell him it was a plane that hit the Pentagon.)
Plus Poetry and Performance from Jean-Marie Spicuzza
Jeanne Marie Spicuzza is a poet, actress, model, filmmaker, philosopher, activist, producer, writer of children's stories, novels, essays, plays and screenplays, watercolor painter and illustrator, composer, lecturer and Master Herbalist. She appears on television and radio like Lifetime, BBC and NPR, in films such as "Field Day," at festivals and venues Ladyfest, Lollapalooza, Bristol International Poetry Festival, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Green Mill, Pabst Theatre, House of Blues, Comedy Store, Knitting Factory and others, and for schools like Santa Monica College and Thousand Oaks High School. Her films have screened at Portobello Film Festival London, Raleigh Studios, Wisconsin Film Festival and Women in the Directors' Chair.

July 15th Portland OR
 We (the PDX 911 Truth Alliance) have reserved the following venue for your talk here on Sunday,July 15th.
The location is
The Sellwood Community Center
1436 SE Spokane St
Portland, Oregon
Start Time: 2-4 PM


Piecora's New York Pizza, 1401 E. Madison St., Seattle, for 7-9 pm

Sander Hicks

Cell: 845 423 9094
Hyperlinks preserved as found in the conspiracy wilds, lol.  

What Hick's talk isn't clear( Police State?  NWO?  Reptiles? Da Jews?), but taking his blog title as a clue:

It's a safe guess it has something to do with his new book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut, the latest in offerings to brainwash local cultists.  At a list price just shy of $16, this manifesto is just over 200 pages long:
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Soft Skull Press (May 15, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1593764235
  • ISBN-13: 978-1593764234
  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.4 x 0.9 inches
Soft Skull Press, a possible Freudian slip about his readers intelligence, is Hick's self publishing mini-empire:
Soft Skull Press is an independent publisher founded by Sander Hicks in 1992, and run by Richard Eoin Nash from 2001 to 2009, and Denise Oswald from 2009 to 2010.[1] In 2007, Nash sold Soft Skull to Counterpoint LLC, who closed Soft Skull's New York operation in 2010.[2] Soft Skull continues to function as an imprint of Counterpoint in California. It is distributed by Publisher's Group West (PGW).
In December 2005, Richard Eoin Nash, on behalf of Soft Skull Press, was the recipient of the Miriam Bass Award for Creativity in Independent Publishing.[3]
Counterpoint is currently located on 1919 Fifth Street in Berkeley, CA. Laura Mazer is the point person for the Soft Skull imprint.

Founded 1992
Founder Sander Hicks
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Berkeley, California
Distribution Publishers Group West
Key people Charlie Winton, CEO
Jack Shoemaker, Vice President,
Laura Mazer, Executive Editor
Fiction genres Fiction, Non-Fiction
Imprints Red Rattle Books
Number of employees 11
Official website

So far Hick's book has only one flowery 5 star review by Jay Trout:
 A unique book. Highly recommended for "Truthers" and skeptics alike.
Hicks has exposed some of the glaring problems with the official 911 and anthrax myths (the real conspiracy theories). However, for all of the ugly facts between the covers, Hicks gives a message of hope, and presents his material from a mature spiritual viewpoint.

Hicks encourages all Americans to be brave enough to face the truth and resolve our political differences.

I was pleased to hear that Mr. Hicks, like myself, came to 911 truth from the liberal-left camp. Like me, apparently, he found common ground with "Truthers," Patriots, socialists, anarchists, and the Occupy movement. He is also a former atheist who has re-discovered spirituality through his traditional faith, with a good mix of Zen and even the 12 Steps. Myself also.

Our paths are similar, but I'm ashamed to say that I am not an activist (yet). Aside from posting provocative links on Facebook and registering a few voters, I haven't done my share. Hicks, on the other hand, is a bold, courageous activist who has accomplished a great deal. He even has some great suggestions for meaningful solutions. Inspiring work from a brave voice.
 Mr. Trout should examine the book's subtitle, " Total Resistance to Secrecy and War is Total Love for the Truth".   This is extremist cult language. In fact Sander Hicks has been associated with cults in the past, specifically LaRouche:
 LaRouche, true fascist that he is, like Adolf Hitler, works very differently from “conser- vatives.” Conservatives denounce progressives and leftists. LaRouche, and the Greens, disguise themselves as progressives and promote an agenda of outlefting the left, thereby creating disunity and thereby enhancing the conservative right. The conservative right (e.g. Bush) leads to war, poverty, and crime, precisely the conditions that fascism feeds on, Hitler and the Weimar Republic in Germany being the classic case in point. Hitler campaigned as a “socialist.” It is not at all surprising that the Green Party ruling group, Led in New York by Fulani and upstate boss Howie Hawkins, promotes a slanted and seriously factually flawed approach to any problems involving Jewish people. Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians during the Hezbollah/Israel War were denounced - cor-rectly I believe. Hamas blowing up Israeli weddings or buses of Israeli schoolchildren,However, generates silence. It also generates Green supporters such as the racist Ann Roos, who sports pro-suicide bomber signs at so-called “Palestinian Rights” demonstrations featuring blatant Holocaust deniers like the neo-nazi Andy Kellerman. LaRouche has also moved in on the so- called “9/11 Truth” movement via such LaRouche surro- gate Greenies as the writer Webster Tarpley, “World Can’t Wait” mouthpiece and Urantia cult member Les Jamieson; squatter/“minister” Frank Morales, and petite capitalist/publicity stuntman Sander Hicks.
 Hmm.  According to Tom Weiss(who ran for US Senate in 2006), Larouche got Hicks into the Senate race, mention is made of Soft Skull Press:
 Then LaRouche and his surrogates convinced the Brooklyn-based petit capitalist Sander Hicks to run for the Senate as a Green - again against me. Sander Hicks is the narcissist who made a lot of money off the work of a dead man named J.L. Hatfield, who wrote “Fortunate Son”, the book that, among other revelations, broke the story about the coke-snorting college student named George W. Bush. Bush’s people got wind of the fact that St. Martin’s Press was going to publish Hatfield’s book, made some threats and St. Martin’s folded like City Council Speaker Christine Quinn folded to George Steinbrenner in the Yankee Stadium deal. Hicks and his “Soft Skull Press” published the book as a paperback and it did very well. Hatfield, a man who, as the Bush people knew and used to the hilt, was a man with a criminal record, having been convicted of involvement in a murder years back, was ultimately found dead in a heartland America motel. Suicide, it is said. (They also say the same thing about Vincent Foster, the lawyer and very close Clinton associate who was found with a bullet in his head in as I recall the woods in Maryland. Hicks made some more money by making a film documentary, “Horns & Halos”, about the whole thing in which Hicks plays the role of camera magnet.

From Hick's about page:

Sander Hicks started Vox Pop / Drench Kiss Media Corporation in 2003. Vox Pop is a New York City's only union-shop, fair-trade coffeehouse/bookstore. Vox Pop recently published Hicks' new book, The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up.
Hicks is a playwright, journalist, songwriter and activist. He founded Soft Skull Press, Inc. in 1996. He was lead singer in White Collar Crime from 1996 to 2003. He lives in Brooklyn with Holley Anderson, his wife, and their son, Coleman.
Sander Hicks is a proud member of the Green Party, which currently holds 35 elected offices in New York State.

Other sources on Hick's Larouche connections:
Conspiracy Panics: Political Rationality and Popular Culture
 By Jack Z. Bratich

Pg 185

14.  The New York chapter of the 9/11 Truth Movement has seen it's share of articulated tensions here, from an attempted senatorial campaign by Sander Hicks, to public accusations that organizers were working for Lyndon Larouche, to other sectarian splits and purges.

Hick's New York "troof" connections are confirmed by his association with cult victim Haupt:

Hicks & Haupt center
Looks like Hicks is another cult con artist and all around douche.  But slick.  Gotta give him that; Hicks is slicker than Slick Willy after a date with Lewinsky.

Wholesome alternative hipster boy on the outside, seedy money grubbing opportunist on the inside.   

Hick's will fit right in with the Portland cult crowd.   He's been there before, in 2008: 
PDX 9/11 Truth - Who Killed Dr Graham? Sander Hicks 2-15-08 MR

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by
Sander Hicks is the founder and former editor of Soft Skull Press as well as playwright. Hicks wrote The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers, and the Cover-Up, and has been covered in CounterPunch [1].

Hicks is also a part of the 9/11 Truth Movement and sought to be elected as United States Senator from New York in the 2006 election as a member of the Green Party, running against incumbent Hillary Clinton. However, he lost the Green Party nominating convention to Howie Hawkins. He is now supporting the Hawkins campaign and has taken a position as Hawkins' media director. In 2005, Hicks donated $5,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee [2] in order to infiltrate a Republican Party fundraiser [3].

Hicks was lead singer for the art-punk group White Collar Crime.

Horns and Halos (2002), an award-winning documentary film directed by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky, is primarily about the difficult road the author (James Hatfield) and publisher (Sander Hicks at Soft Skull Press) travelled to bring "Fortunate Son", an unauthorized and controversial biography of George W. Bush to bookshelves again.

In 2004 Hicks launched his new publishing venture Vox Pop/Drench Kiss Media Corporation: a publishing company, bookstore and coffee-house located in Brooklyn, NY.

(Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the makers of this video)

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 Rcoones glosses over that the Green Party DUMPED Hicks for his Republican donation stunt, at least according to Tom Weiss:
  Hawkins became the Green candidate when Greenie Brooklyn’s Sander Hicks was dumped after contributing $5,000 to the Republican Party so that he could meet Big Dick Cheney face to face and ask him something about 9/11 (Cheney blew him off much more effectively than he did that quail he missed.)
Admittedly Weiss sounds butthurt and like he has an axe to grind, but if he's had to deal with cultists up close that would make sense.  For fairness Hicks' version of events:

Five Seconds with Dick Cheney

B14273 / Wed, 5 Apr 2006 07:55:02 / "War on Terror"
Hi folks….replacing my earlier short piece, I have fleshed out my reflections on my gonzo infiltration of the GOP fund-raiser. Vote for this one, let’s get it on the GNN home page….here’s a link to the yard
Five Seconds with Dick Cheney
By Sander Hicks
 I infiltrated a GOP event, back in November, as part of my research into 9/11. It was part stunt, part investigative journalism. I put on a suit and bought a ticket into the National Republican Congressional Committee fund-raiser at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street, in Manhattan. When I was in front of the Vice President of the United States, I asked Cheney a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds, “What do I say to all these people who say 9/11 was an inside job?” I read a lot from the look on his face. He wasn’t surprised: he was soothingly cool. Maybe he hears this one all the time. Maybe, at this point in history, everyone gets key information from the ‘net. That would explain why CNN just reported that out of 84% of their viewers agreed with the controversial views of actor Charlie Sheen, who just denounced the government’s explanation for 9/11. Even Ronald Reagan’s old Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, recently wrote, “the real story is what the people are saying about 9/11.”
Back in November, Cheney’s face was puffy, almost translucent. You could see veins and fluid. Maybe he just had heart surgery or a secret stroke. My question didn’t shock him. He was natural, even nurturing in his tone. An inside job? He turned and looked up at my face. “Just look at the evidence, it’s not true.”
Weeks beforehand, when I filled out the security questionnaire, I thought my profile would get me red-flagged. Don’t my days in working-class organizing, or in anti-fascist groups, or in the anti-war movement count for anything? Don’t they remember me as the guy who published Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President? Don’t my original contributions to the 9/11 Truth Movement mean that I can’t come anywhere near someone still collecting a salary from Haliburton? Wait, you mean I’m not on the “No Cheney List?”
This means one of two things. They know, and they need people like me, because fewer people believe their official story…and they want to meet the researchers who are onto them. Or something. More likely, I’m just not on their radar. I’m not a rich Democrat, I’m not the kind of threat they understand, they just do not care.
It took a donation of $5,000 to get five seconds with Dick. Chump change to the fat cats, but people I respect, in my family, and in the NY Greens, now want to know what the hell was I thinking. “What a sick waste…a donation to the enemy.” I can understand that. This was a pretty creepy event. The money came from some funds that my family had given me—family members were helping Holley and I buy a co-op apartment at the time, and there was some extra capital left over. I used it. A small window opened briefly, thanks to five thousand dollars. It created something unheard of: a 9/11 researcher spending five seconds with the top government official in charge on 9/11.
I’m a small businessman. I don’t have savings. But a unique set of factors lined up at a certain time. I happened to get pulled into being President of the local merchants association here in Flatbush. The GOP recruits all business association people, without really checking who they are, and then, boom. I used my five seconds to ask a provocative question, and then I recorded the reaction.
His answer and the way in which he gave it get us closer to answering the Big Question of our time: What really happened on 9/11? Did the attacks themselves “change everything”? Or did the Cheney/Rumsfeld White House change everything, in the name of the attacks? Did the attacks really originate from outside the US? Then, why, with all of the corporate media on your side, parroting your line, up to this point, does 84% of the population not believe you anymore? How did this happen? And how does it feel?
Cheney cited “evidence.” He exuded confidence. His tone was compassionate. And it all seemed like an act. A great performance, but a politician’s sound bite. The thing that gets me is that Cheney wasn’t all that concerned about the question. He wasn’t surprised that some guy had just popped up in the $5,000 photo-op line at a GOP fund-raiser and started talking about 9/11 being an inside job. He didn’t want to discuss what “evidence” he had to the contrary, or where one could find it to prop up his besieged official story. He didn’t care what I thought I knew. He didn’t want to hear what “all these people” were saying. He had a quick answer prepared and was ready for the next photo op.
So, was it worth it? Family members (even the ones who voted for him twice) are now shocked and upset and don’t remember any previous discussions when I was planning this. The Green Party people in New York are concerned. My run for Senate hangs in the balance here, according to some. But I don’t think this was such a huge waste. It was hard work. It’s literally nauseating to eat thick chicken breast with the top merchants of death, but look at what we learned.
I know now what it’s like to sit through a 8 AM Sean Hannity speech titled, “Behind the Scenes at Fox News” which turns out to be a stunted little man without self-esteem squinting into the lights and half-heartedly spitting out a few Ted Kennedy/Bill Clinton jokes. “These jokes are funnier after you’ve had a few drinks.” he said, unconvincingly, to a partially filled ballroom.
The mainstream GOP line is confused and desperate right now. Suddenly, 9/11 means more questions than answers now, for the majority. Yet the GOP still clings to it, as an eroding political bulwark. Back in November, there was a lot of immigrant bashing, as a prelude to draconian legislation coming down the pike. At that time, they were careful to tie the drastic anti-immigrant rhetoric to 9/11. They stated outright that somehow, 9/11 would not have happened if there weren’t such a “porous” border with Mexico.
Cheney, in his lunchtime speech, desperately clung to Iraq as a just war, with a big 9/11 link. And yet, just a few months after that speech, President Dubya gave up trying to pin 9/11 on Saddam. Bush himself apologized for the big lie. No one outside of the top of the GOP ever bought that story. Even the 9/11 Commission wouldn’t go along with that one. No one, that is, with the exception of the working class soldiers fighting and dying in a tightly controlled media environment. I guess it’s a question of morale. 9/11 is big, and it’s proven useful for decisive policy on a smorgasbord of issues. Unfortunately, each time the GOP implements a decisive policy, a large bunch of people get hurt or die.
The big debate in my head during Cheney’s speech was To Disrupt, or Not To Disrupt? Disrupting Cheney’s fatuous speech in the ballroom would have been so easy. Disruption is always an option. Anyone of us can become a monkey-wrench and throw our shoulder against the fragile mesh holding the official story together. Left, right or center, we are all just watching atrocious politics invoking garish tragedy to justify genocide. Torture and death are now scheduled for large groups for the indefinite future.
Yes, the whole experiment and the money and the nausea of this thing were all worth it. Am I certain? No, but I’m pretty close. Because now, as the Cheney/Bush administration begins to unravel, with apologies and gun accidents, and 1/2 a million people in the streets of LA protesting the immigration laws, let’s keep in mind: they still have their core myth, 9/11. As the 9/11 official story begins to give way, it’s becoming time to impeach, and then expel, and then prosecute, this neo-con order, for the entirety of what they’ve done. No single-issue politics here. And when the people sweep the neo-cons and the GOP from power, a lot of the Democrats who went along with it all will be swept out at the same time. It’s time to go Green.
We get a little closer each day. Even if the price is a thousand dollars a second, no money will bring back the dead lost on 9/11, or in the wars waged in its name. But if a little bit of money will get us closer to understanding the mindset that presided over, knew about, and probably was involved in those attacks, I’m OK with that. $5,000 is a small fee for something as priceless as the truth.
" The money came from some funds that my family had given me—family members were helping Holley and I buy a co-op apartment at the time, and there was some extra capital left over. I used it."
Who has an extra $5,000 of "extra capital" after moving?  Bullshit. No one has extra money after moving.   No wonder the Greens were pissed with him.  Then Hicks linked to this article on his campaign website:

And Hicks wonders why everyone was mad.   DURRRRRRRRRR

Full list of candidates for 2006:

 New York: Jeff Russell
  • Opponents: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (Democrat, incumbent), Bill Van Auken (Socialist), Steven Greenfield (Democrat), Mark Greenstein (Democrat), Sander Hicks (Green), Kathleen Troia McFarland (Republican), John Spencer (Republican), Jonathan Tasini (Democrat)
Now Hicks has distanced himself from Larouche, instead accepting radio interviews from Jew Toasting Holocaust deniers:
Friday, June 29, 2012  
Sander On Truth Jihad!!!!

Hi Folks! I am on the radio today - back again with the incendiary, passionate, fun, funny, and deadly serious Kevin Barrett!!!!

th Jihad Radio Fri. 6/29/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

Kevin is a big fan of my new book.....How's THIS for a bit of quotable praise:

Sander Hicks is a national treasure. He is a first-rate writer, investigative journalist, public speaker, organizer, and general all-around trouble-maker. And his deepening maturity and spirituality are adding more and more gravitas to his work all the time. Buy this book and spread it around.

Read the WHOLE post from Kevin, HERE:
For moron Kevin Barrett, click HERE.    American Freedom Radio seems to be a Libertarian/Patriot Movement fusion project of Marc Stevens, heavy on the tinfoil:

From November 5, 2005 to April 8, 2007, Stevens debuted The No State Project on the Republic Broadcasting Network. From April 14, 2007 to October 4, 2008, he continued The No State Project on the We The People Radio Network. On October 6, 2008, We The People Radio Network's official website announced it would be shutting down its operations, but would keep archives of its affiliated shows, including The No State Project, online for the foreseeable future.[2] From then until late March, the show was in a state of hiatus.
On December 6, 2008, Stevens debuted a single show on American Freedom Radio, but it was not until March 21, 2009 when Liberty News Radio began broadcasting The No State Project on a regular basis. After some incurable technical difficulties, the show was dropped from Liberty News Radio.
Three months later The No State Project returned to American Freedom Radio where it is currently broadcast every Saturday 3pm to 5pm CST. Stevens has been interviewed on various talk radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Alex Jones Show, Free Talk Live, Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock, Deadline Live with Jack Blood, Peter Mac Show, Frankly Speaking with Frank Whalen, Bill Meyer Show, Jayne Carroll Show, Peter Schiff Show, and National Intel Report. The No State Project is currently being syndicated on The Liberty Radio Network.
Plenty of Kool-Aid all around!  Don't touch that dial!

Sander Hicks is also the founder of his own person cult called "The Truth Party" that anyone can join here:

The Three Simple Virtues

Here at the Truth Party, we are about three simple virtues:

  1. USA Peace Leadership,
  2. Peace Economics,
  3. Freedom from Lies

Last "virtue" needs work.

Event poster :

From emailed facebook link:

 Did someone say "sneaky jews"?