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Petros Evdokas, Cyprus Indymedia and the Calyx Institute

When Petros Evdokas had a bout of modfaggotry at cyprus indymedia, before he disabled the open publishing wire, he wrote a tl;dr attention whore piece to make people feel sorry for him. What it actually did was demonstrate he was as much of a compulsive liar as the rest of his group. Somewhere Evdokas scribbles:

Petros is a founding member of the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective.
He's more than that; Evdokas is the domain owner of one of their websites; note whois has some fake information. ICANN no lieky fake whois. Someone should tell ICANN:

Domain ID:D104582311-LROR
Created On:30-Jun-2004 06:17:46 UTC
Last Updated On:02-May-2011 15:45:12 UTC
Expiration Date:30-Jun-2012 06:17:46 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
Registrant ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Registrant Name:Endo Media
Registrant Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Registrant Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Portland
Registrant State/Province:Oregon
Registrant Postal Code:1096
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5032884470
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:
Admin ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Admin Name:Endo Media
Admin Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Admin Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Portland
Admin State/Province:Oregon
Admin Postal Code:1096
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.5032884470
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Admin Email:

Tech ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Tech Name:Endo Media
Tech Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Tech Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Portland
Tech State/Province:Oregon
Tech Postal Code:1096
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.5032884470
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:
It gets moar twisty. Cyprus Indymedia hosts information about unregistered users at, not

Not all users; Evdokas' socks are hosted on the indymedia server, as a reader can see from the revision page:

Looks like anonymous contributors, the life and blood of indymedia open fucking publishing, at cyprus indymedia, get managed by, owned by the Calyx Institute:

The Calyx Institute
c/o Fridman Law Group
287 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013

Domain name: CALYX.COM

Administrative Contact:
Merrill, Nicholas
c/o Fridman Law Group
287 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 212 966 1900
Technical Contact:
Merrill, Nicholas
c/o Fridman Law Group
287 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 212 966 1900

Registration Service Provider:
The Calyx Institute,
+1 212 966 1900
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 06-Dec-2011.
Record expires on 04-Jan-2013.
Record created on 05-Jan-1995.

Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

Domain servers in listed order:
Evdokas has a connection to Calyx; they may be one of the "hundreds of people who know him intimately", lol:

Launch Benefit for The Calyx Institute

By Nick Merrill and Daniel J. Sieradski

  • Friday, September 23, 2011
  • 7:00pm until 11:00pm
287 Spring Street, New York, NY
ou are cordially invited to attend a Launch Benefit for The Calyx Institute

The Calyx Institute is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide secure, private and anonymous telecommunication services – including telephone and Internet services – to journalists, activ
ists, whistleblowers and other Americans concerned about the privacy of their communications. As a proactive defender of civil liberties, Calyx works to safeguard not only the privacy and data of its customers, but that of all Americans by challenging unjust, unaccountable, unconstitutional and unbridled government surveillance.

Calyx is a venture of Nicholas Merrill, the plaintiff in Doe v. Ashcroft, which successfully challenged and overturned the National Security Letters provision of the USA PATRIOT Act.

Tickets available at
Learn more at

If you can't make it, you can still support us by purchasing a ticket!

Evdokas RSVPs from the spiritworld:

Petros Evdokas > Launch Benefit for The Calyx Institute
September 11, 2011 at 4:32am

Howdy - I'll be there in spirit! Best wishes,
In fairness, the connection isn't a secret; Evdokas announced it in late Feb, highlighting the open publishing feature:

[Imc-cyprus] Great news!
Petros Evdokas petros at
Mon Feb 20 23:13:34 PST 2012


With the gracious help from Nick, of the the Calyx institute, we finally have our new website gone "live".

You'll see that the address goes to our new website, which offers again the most important feature of IndyMedia called Open Publishing, the ability for community members to publish their own articles.

We're still working to redirect but eventually we'll make that happen as well.

It will take some more time to make things smooth. We'll need to set up access to our old site because our Archives are precious. Also, to set up better instructions for visitors, especially on how to post their own articles with images.

Slowly but steadily we'll be on our way to get all of that done.

I'm glad to say that this opens up a new era again for Cyprus IndyMedia, one I hope with less disasters than the previous ones!

Maybe nothing's wrong with a private company funding Cyprus, but scroll down to see his track record and it doesn't encourage confidence. What they say about Calyx at the About This Website page:

We're in the process of migrating our website to a server graciously hosted by a non-profit organization named the Calyx Institute, after several years during which, due to technical and political deficiencies of the IndyMedia network we were not able to offer Open Publishing services to the community. Soon, the url will point here, to this website.
With the fantastic help and solidarity of Calyx we're now able to offer Open Publishing - the ability to anyone who knows how to write and send an email or fill in a form, to publish their own article and images on the Cyprus IndyMedia website.

Unless that article exposes Cyprus Indymedia's co founder as a STRATFOR butt monkey who shares email lists with Holocaust deniers. Someone should email about his institute's vetting process for charity cases.

Open publishing goes both ways; when Evdokas found chickens coming home to roost, he quietly decided Open Publishing wasn't important after all, and disabled it:


The first says "Publish an Article". The second doesn't. Lol.

If that wasn't funni enough, on April 12th, Evdokas re-enables publishing,

with the requirement of registration:

How to Publish Articles, Comments and other materials on the Cyprus IndyMedia website
We're looking forward to your participation in this open publishing process!
Please register with your name and email address. Or choose a pen-name {pseudonym} if you prefer, and a new email address that nobody knows, if you prefer to remain anonymous. Please choose a password that no one else knows but yourself.
Registration is free and simple. Your email will not be shown anywhere to other visitors.
You can register at this page, ,
or just go to the left column at the Front Page and follow the instructions there.

Registration with our system only verifies that a particular author's username is associated with a particular email address and nothing more. It reduces the risk of impostors posing under assumed names of other people.
Also, it helps us reduce the commercial spam that has flooded our website by the thousands from the very first moment our newly upgraded website became available.
After you have registered, when you visit the website you can Log In (Front Page, top of the left column), and then proceed to the link titled "Publish an Article", which is located at the top of the page, under the big banner.
Welcome to our community of registered authors. We're looking forward to your participation.
Thank you!
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective
Revised by Admin 2:

Revision Operations
12 Apr 2012 - 17:59 by admin2 current revision
12 Apr 2012 - 17:35 by admin2

How many socks does Evdokas have anyway?

There is no flood of commercial spam; Evdokas is modfagging because HE'S BEEN OUTED AT A STRATFOR INFORMANT. Register and share the lolz.

ATHENS vs CYPRUS: IMC War of 2011

The disaster Evdokas refers to was in 2011, when cyprus indymedia was reported as what sounded like a creepy front of informers. Relevant to Evdokas' involvement with this group:

There is no open character in Cyprus IMC, no open publishing, is not a
media of the movements against capitalism and injustice. It\'s just
another blog, controlled by a private small group which uses Cyprus IMC to express their opinion.
Ouch. More:

Obviously, the content of Cyprus IMC is violating too the principles of
Indymedia Network.

Often, there are posts in Cyprus IMC that target people of the
movement in cyprus. The administrators of Cyprus IMC blog refer to people with their names,surnames, even nicknames, with photos of them, accompanied with slanderous ratings . Actually the second link below
contains even information on the private life of a female comrade, deeply violating
her privacy.
It's like Deja Vu all over again.

This is exactly what the Portland based conspiracy cult and associates do. Evdokas, as per usual, has a TL;DR response at his, that is, the cyprus indy blog. Anyone who wants to waste valuable time that could be spent picking their toenails can read it there; this part relates to the Portland group, Evdokas' involvement, and his dodging of his STRATFOR connections:

Writes Evdokas as editor:

o- Publishing Names and Photos

We are accused of publishing names and photos of some people. Yes, we have published the names and photos of individuals who are involved in activities funded by the US State Department and US AID (the civilian arm of the CIA) and other foreign powers, who have infiltrated the left community posing as "anarchists" or in various other "leftist" modes, promoting the agenda and values of racism and Imperialism packaged and marketed in "leftist" slogans. And we will continue to publish them.

The revelations we made about their funding are from their own self-confessed publications (they are proud of it!). The same applies to their photographs. To this day, not a single one of our revelations about these people has been refuted, denied or disproven by them or by anyone.

We believe that the progressive community should know who is infiltrating it and which power is funding the agendas that these people promote.
The hypocritical lying faggot should read what he wrote; it sounds exactly like what he's doing:

"posing as "anarchists" or in various other "leftist" modes"
Street medic anyone? Whoa....dude how did that cop know we were here?
"promoting the agenda and values of racism and Imperialism packaged and marketed in "leftist" slogans"
Evdokas's associate Tim "Holohoax" Titrud once a Democratic party volunteer;

"their own self-confessed publications (they are proud of it!)"
Just read any of the groups listserves! Or(gag), anything Evdokas writes. At least Waldron can be funni. Guess it takes a corporate intelligence infiltrator to know an infiltrator.

The last part is gold:

We believe that the progressive community should know who is infiltrating it and which power is funding the agendas that these people promote.
We agree! Look for more pwnage of Evdokas and his group. Or maybe more footbullets from Evdokas, he's so good at it!

From the second email complaining about Cyprus Indy:

We would like to confirm the fact that the indymedia Cyprus is hijacked by certain persons that have nothing to do with the radical movement of our country.

On the contrary, Cyprus indymedia is used in order to attack the various actions ofthe movement: anti-fascist, anti-racist or anti-nationalist, defending publicspaces and alternative structures such as our collective library etc. The various lies and the conspiracy theories that are constructed by the administrators can be easily seen for what they are by everybody.

We will only give one example of the paranoia experience. In December 2009 they claimed that anti-authoritarians were planning to burn the city (Nicosia) in an eventon the anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigioropoulos and the revolt that followed it in Greece. The reason for this was a poster that was circulated with a photograph from a molotov cocktail thrown in Athens. (Needless to say when naturally that nothing happened, they came out and said that it was them that saved the city!).
End of times conspiracies and claiming credit for averting the Apocalypse...sounds like the Alex Jones style trash the group flogs.

In contrarytheir stance vis a vis nationalist movements is positive. They advertise nationalist actions through their webpage with the pretext of their “anti-occupation struggle” and their opposition to a federal solution in Cyprus. (Even two days ago they advertised an event of the far-right wing enosist Ανεξάρτητη Φοιτητική ΕΠΛΑΞΗ of CyprusUniversity ( the sister group of ΔΡΑΣΙΣ ΚΕΣ. Both the above groups support and promote the idea of the annexationof Cyprus with Greece).
We're not experts at Cyprian politics, but the activity these people matches the Portland conspiracy group. And the reply from Evdokas will show that more. First note the word enosist in bold, because Evdokas makes an interesting statement about that word later.

Evdokas responds, leading with a bawl about the recently ironic no can open publish:

Before we proceed we must ask once again for technical help with the Cyprus IndyMedia website, as it has been several years now that we have been forced to operate without Open Publishing, and our community has a very strong need for it. Open Publishing is an essential part of democracy and dialogue within the progressive and radical community: we have always been committed to it, and we would be very grateful if the global IndyMedia network could help us re-install such a service on the Cyprus IndyMedia website.
Then he says everyone's a racist, a concern sounding hollow after letting Holohoax Titrud post unmoderated; at this point any bawling Evdokas does on racism is suspect:

The above signatory groups are involved in a racist campaign promoted by the ruling party to "legalize" the military division and illegal settlement of the island (in violation of the Geneva treaty), and to create a formal Apartheid regime from it based on Race Laws. The campaign is currently being promoted by the Government of Cyprus (which is in the hands of a stalinist, fake "left" party named AKEL), against its own people with the help of various fake "left" groups who operate as fronts and advertisers for that political process. Their "final solution" in the shape of Apartheid will destroy the native and indigenous communities of Turkish Cypriots and Hellene (greek) Cypriots forever.

In contrast to that, Cyprus IndyMedia and a vast segment of the population among both the Turkish Cypriots and the Hellene (greek) Cypriots are busy pursuing ways to remove the occupation forces from our country and enable the peoples of our two communities to live together in peace and equality again, NOT divided by Race Laws into zones and by differing grades of privileges assigned according to Race.
Now we get to Evdokas, the wiki challenged:

Another accusation (quoted from the letter, verbatim) is that Cyprus IndyMedia "advertised an event of the far-right wing enosist Ανεξάρτητη Φοιτητική ΕΠΑΛΞΗ of Cyprus University ( the sister group of ΔΡΑΣΙΣ ΚΕΣ. Both the above groups support and promote the idea of the annexation of Cyprus with Greece)" [sic].

In the text above, they even invented a word to find a new form of accusation: "enosist". They didn't want to translate the word from greek which means "those who pursue Unity, or Union". Because it would look "bad" if people promote Unity.
Evdokas claims they invented a word. Wrong. From Wikipedia:

In fact, the anti-colonial movement in Cyprus was identified with the enosist movement, enosis being, in the minds of the Hellenic population of Cyprus, the only natural outcome of the liberation of the Cypriot people from Ottoman rule and later the British rule.
Google is your friend, Evdokas. Enosist doesn't sound like a bad thing; maybe it's not a bad thing. But with STRATFOR buddy Evdokas involved, it's sure to become a bad thing.

The next sounds familiar:

The organizers of the event are misrepresented by our accusers as well! They are wrongly described as being a sister group of another organization which is entirely separate and which has very different politics and origins.
Entirely separate? Bet they share information about all the dupes that get suckered. Deja vu.
Another accusation against us is one of "paranoia" regarding the attempt to burn down the City Center under the pretext of "anarchy" and "insurrection" on the tragic day of the anniversary of our murdered youth Alexis, during which some of our accusers (namely the organization Falies) supported by publishing - during a very tense time - a poster inviting protesters to come to the memorial with Molotov cocktails. We rightfully criticized them for this irresponsible publishing.
If true, we agree. Where is this poster? Something like that should be linked to if it exists.

Then Evdokas dribbles about provocateurs, a subject we're told he has personal experience with, before the serious fair game finger pointing starts:

o- A little more about who they are

It pains us to be forced to enter personal details and "naming of names". And for that reason, since we have a personal history with some of our accusers, we have protected some of them from public ridicule by hiding their secrets and protecting them from the scorn that they deserve for more than seven years (yes, some of this story has a long history).

We are still reluctant to enter the cesspool of personal revelations and accusations, but we are now being forced to explain who some our accusers are, and to make manifest some of their motives.

We have a separate section here on:
o- some of the members of the group named Falies,
o- a little about members of the group named Enosi Anarhikon,
o- Planodio Steki Dromou,
o- a little on the connections of the group named Anti-ratsistiki Protovoulia Lemesou with the State, via another group named KISA.
"We are still reluctant to enter the cesspool of personal revelations and accusations"

Lollers. Notice this "reluctance" doesn't stop Evdokas:

Despo Pasia used to be married to one of Cyprus IndyMedia's founding members named Solon Antartis. During their time together they had two children. Despo Pasia has just been served Court papers on a divorce case and has become extremely irritated with this, lashing about any which way she can. We believe that the motive for her participation in the Falies instigation of lies and false charges against us is at least partially, if not entirely, the sexual jealousies, possessiveness and marital infidelity through which she became involved with IndyMedia.

We have already published some of this toxic sexual background material here:
The faggot just lost the moral high ground. Whoever was married to who, and what problems they may or may not have, and their children has nothing to do with the question raised that Evdokas's administration of Cyprus Indy is a hive of nepotism, enabling fear mongering and conspiracy theories.


In the comments Evdokas' buddy NATLFED cult victim Mitchel Cohen weighs in:

On that note I am excited to read how Cyprus Indymedia is addressing these matters, and is willing to overturn iconic stones to get to some truth -- which, in Cyprus, will indeed have impact on larger policies. That is a valuable enterprise in itself; and it is also important because their decisions will affect policies, social forces and even wars involving Europe and the United States. The issues they're dealing with within the Cypriot Left will influence and help shape what we in the Left will be doing here, in the next few years over which the next wars will be fought ... and our ability (or lack thereof) to resist them.

I write in appreciation of the important work of our friends at Cyprus Indymedia against fascists and stalinists (sometimes masquerading, temporarily, as leftists).

Mitchel Cohen

Mitchel Cohen is an organizer with the Brooklyn Greens/Green Party, and currently serves as Chair of the WBAI (99.5 FM in NY) Local Station Board* (for ID purposes only).
Antifa drops sum lulzy stuff about Evdokas' sockpuppets:

antifaJan 17, 2011 08:30 AM
"Antifa" and "N.M." is again Petros Evdokas writing to support what he writes with his real name.

Antifa is in the streets! Not hiding in their house writing against the antifascist people and promoting nationalist ideas using the name indymedia.

We demand that you either close it or change the name of your blog!

Moar lulzy, the m4trix87 takes Evdokas to the woodshed for the obvious and pwns him:

m4trix87Jan 18, 2011 01:12 PM
How can a website revealing personal data(thus violating individual/personal freedoms) possibly claim to be run by anarchists?
Why not just attack the political positions?
Only explanation is they want to reveal them to cause harm to them and help in oppression.

And how can an anarchist also be patriotic?

Either "Cyprus IMC" is lying,and is corrupted by circles of the Right,or they are in deep confusion.

Which is more likely,that the whole antiauthoritarian scene in Cyprus(no matter how small)is corrupt,or that one blog is corrupt-especially a blog using explicit nationalist rhetoric(like "anthellines"-translated to "anti-greeks",like "un-american") while claiming to be "anarchist"?

"How can a website revealing personal data(thus violating individual/personal freedoms) possibly claim to be run by anarchists?"

Especially when Evdokas is fucking sanctimonious hypocrite in his fake outrage after antifa caught him letting a Holocaust denier post on his listserve.

"Why not just attack the political positions?" Evdokas doesn't give a shit about the political positions.

"Only explanation is they want to reveal them to cause harm to them and help in oppression." Bingo was his name-o.

"Either "Cyprus IMC" is lying,and is corrupted by circles of the Right,or they are in deep confusion." Herp Derp

"Which is more likely,that the whole antiauthoritarian scene in Cyprus(no matter how small)is corrupt,or that one blog is corrupt-especially a blog using explicit nationalist rhetoric(like "anthellines"-translated to "anti-greeks",like "un-american") while claiming to be "anarchist"?"

Epic win.
Don't know how much moolah Nick Merrill threw at Evdokas and his Cyprus pseudo anarchist indymedia scam, but it's time to get it back. If it's true Merrill's institute is concerned about privacy as his wiki page implies:

Merrill has founded the nonprofit Calyx Institute to provide education and research on privacy issues

...then welcoming Evdokas to Team Calyx is a disastrous mistake Merrill might not recover from.

Petros Evdokas MAIN PAGE

Scandal in Cyprus?